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  • When will I get my eSIM?
    Your eSIM will be delivered to your email address right after your purchase is completed.
  • When does my plan start?
    Your plan starts the moment you activate your eSIM by scanning the QR code on your smartphone.
  • Can I open a hotspot for other devices?
    Of course! With our eSIM you can share hotspots to other devices with unlimited data.
  • Can I use WhatsApp with my eSIM?
    Of course! You can use WhatsApp with your eSIM just like usual. When you set up an eSIM, your WhatsApp number stays the same, so all your chats and contacts will stay too.
  • Phone number is included with the eSIMs for making or receiving calls?
    Indeed! All our packages include an American number for unlimited incoming and outgoing calls in the US.
  • Is it possible to transfer the eSIM to another device?
    The eSIM can be installed on one device only, and cannot be transferred to another device after installation.
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